Race Thru The Redwoods 10K Course
Course Narrative

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Picnic Rd. wooden gate between lot#1 & Lot #2

Run on paved road to Entrance Rd.

Turn right on Entrance Rd.

Turn left on Maintenance Rd.

Turn left on Entrance Rd.

Turn right on Picnic Road

Turn right on Meadow Trail

Turn left on River Trail

Onto Pipeline Rd near back of Nature Center

Back onto River Trail after passing under Trail Trestle

Straight onto short trail connecting River Trail to Rincon Fire Rd.

Right on Rincon Fire Road

Left on Ridge Fire Rd.

Right on Pipeline Rd. to Turnaround (Approx .3 mile out and .3 back)

Continue return on Pipeline Rd.

Left onto River Trail just past train trestle

Right on Meadow Trail

Right onto Picnic Rd.

Finish is approx. 200 feet behind the start line


Finish is on Picnic Rd at Telephone pole just past first entrance to Lot#3